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Macha de Bonneville

Macha started shooting at the age of 20. Equipped with her Canon A1, she wandered the streets of Paris and learned by trial and error. In her mid-twenties, she moved to Montreal where she attended darkroom classes at the 3rd Eye photo club. She then pursued formal studies at the renowned Dawson College school of photography .

It is at Dawson that she was able to learn the basics and technical concepts, and these newly acquired skills, combined with her creativity, made her able to further sophisticate her use of this medium.

She enjoys working with line, light and color and she has demonstrated a particular mastery of black and white photography. It is possible to detect, in her choice of subject and content, the influence of two years spent studying at the La Villette School of Architecture in Paris. Today she experiments with superimpression a lot, so much so that this has become her signature style.

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