Emilio Eber Serrani is an Argentinian born Canadian Professional
Photographer, based in Montreal Canada.
Graduated in commercial photography from Dawson College Montreal Quebec.
He likes doing architecture, commercial studio, documentary, travel,
black and white fine art.

But nowadays he spend much of his time experimenting with what he calls
Photo-Impressionist style.

His work has been published in magazines such as mdz decor ,Hasselblad
forum 2002

Nikon NPCI  calendars,  Lonely Planet travel, Photographers forum
Vision 2020 Everest foundation (2006 India)

His latest exhibits
2010    The Spirit os Asia / El Espirito de Asia
CCBR Centro cultural Bernardino Rivadavia
Rosario, Argentin 2099. ”El Viaje, CCR,
Centro cultural Recoleta Buenos Aires, Argentina 2008.
Mistica India
CCFR , centro cultural Fontanarosa Rosario, Argentina.

“It wasn’t until I started travelling around the world that I realized
how much I enjoyed
capturing on film and digital images of different cultures that are
vanishing on remote
places like the Himalayas, India, Nepal. Bali Indonesia, Patagonia
I want my photos to capture an essence of something, a feeling an
emotion, to explore
and. discover the world around me. I am always interested in doing all
different kinds of
photography  like my new series  photo-impressionist because painting
has been very influential to my creativity.
The best photos are  those that come from my heart.”