Alireza Sahebi

Alireza Sahebi is an Iranian portrait photographer born in 1994. He became interested in photography as a teenager and when he started working in a photography studio. He then continued his studies in the field of visual communication at the University of Art and Architecture. He chose portrait photography because of his interest in exploring and recognizing the spirits and inner thoughts of human beings. He continues to photograph using different genres because it is a unique language with many dialects and it allows him to communicate with people around the world.


Have you heard a sound louder than the sound of your eyes? The eyes are alive٫ they understand٫ they talk٫ they fall in love٫ the eyes are all the existence and non-existence of people. The eyes have an identity card, and if they have the opportunity, they will ruthlessly expel all their presence and absence. I found photography as a way to discover and express the inner selves of human beings and I tried to find a non-verbal, universal and meaningful language and I did not find it except in my eyes.


2019-2020 Exhibition Eyecatcher, chez Mademoiselle Earth, Montréal, Exposition permanente 

2021-2022 Exposition Galerie Artrocks Design, Montréal, Exposition permanente 

2021 octobre - ArtExpo New York, foire d'art américaine, exposition de groupe

2023 2-5 novembre - Art Discovery Frankfurt, foire d'art Allemagne, exposition de groupe