Helge Meier-Siems was born in Bremen, nothern Germany in 1981. His parents discovered his drawing talent when he was a small child. Even at a preschool age, he drew realistic illustrations of people, animals, and the world around him. At the age of 9, he also received private drawing and art lessons to further nurture his skills. After completing his schooling, he pursued his first professional training as a advertising technician at the age of 20, followed by another training as a media designer.

His artistic expressions primarily revolve around photography and digital art, often blurring the lines between the two. He partly endeavors to combine profound themes with vibrant designs or in photographic form. However, true art always arises within the mind of the observer, and inspiring this is seen by Helge Meier-Siems as both a great gift and a challenge in his work.

Over time, Helge Meier-Siems has showcased selected works and photographs in various exhibitions in Hamburg. Additional exhibitions followed, including ones organized by Artrocksdesign in Montreal, New York, and Frankfurt. Currently, Helge Meier-Siems lives and works as a graphic designer and freelance artist in Hamburg, Germany.


2019-2020 Exhibition Eyecatcher, chez Mademoiselle Earth, Montreal, Permanent exhibition 

2021-2022 Exhibition Galerie Artrocks Design, Montreal, Permanent exhibition 

2021 October – ArtExpo New York, US art fair, group exhibition

2023 November 2-5 – Art Discovery Frankfurt, art fair Germany, group exhibition