Neila Ben Ayed is a Montreal-based artist who graduated from the University of Montreal and the École Polytechnique in Design and Planning. In addition, she has perfected her artistic training at the University of Montreal.
She has participated in more than two hundred solo and group exhibitions across Canada, Tunisia, the USA, Italy, France and Morocco. The artist has been represented by several galleries in Canada and New York. She has also exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Carlo Blotti Museum in Rome and the Bardo Museum. Recently, her exhibitions have been held in prestigious places such as the United Nations, the National Assembly of Quebec, the Palais Montcalme and the Museum of Tunis.
Numerous awards and distinctions underline the excellence of her work, including an honorary mention from the foundation “Arab Women who have distinguished themselves in Quebec”, in tribute to her contribution to the influence of cultural communities. This success has earned her congratulations from the Premier of Quebec and several Members of Parliament.
Some of her works have been broadcast nationally and internationally. They have been, among other things, the cover page of the cultural guide of Montreal, the cover page of the program of the 19th days of African and Creole cinema in Montreal, the promotional pages in various Quebec newspapers. Many of his works are part of prestigious public and private collections.



Neila Ben Ayed is known for combining digital art with mixed media.
Her works are both mesmerizing and intriguing. They turn different visual familiarities upside down through various crackling and inventive digital alterations.

The artist explores the universe of the free, independent and proud woman… Proud of her life. Rich in her encounters, her experiences, her passions, her anxieties, her sorrows, her doubts. Rich in her follies, her trials, her mistakes. Rich of its failures and its successes. Rich in its knowledge, its values, its missions, its freedom… Rich in its two countries of birth and adoption.
The list is still long.

The artist thus opens himself to the vibrations of introspection. These vibrations are remodeled in plastic forms, between figuration and abstraction while playing with repetition and variation; thus arousing a discovery at each new glance. It is in the constant search for a balance between the structured and the spontaneous that she mixes digital art with mixed media.