Sanil Goti

Sanil Goti is a visual artist and a passion-driven photographer based out of Montreal. You can spot him wandering the streets of the city on a bike with his camera bag on his back – the two things that always keep him company as he sets out to explore an untrodden corner.
Revealing the secrets of the city through the art he specializes in – night and long exposure photography – Sanil believes every city has a story to tell, all you’ve got to do is listen. Or in his case, click. From breathtaking panoramic shots to captivating timelapses, Sanil creates and experiments with his style to bring every picture to life. As a photographer, he, at a very young age, discovered that capturing the world through his own lens is his escapism and each photograph that he clicked thereafter, turned into a version of his stories of an escapist.
Chasing his dreams landed him in Canada where he now lives out each day exploring and acquainting the world with his love for photography.