I am a photographic artist specializing in impressionistic images of landscapes, nature, objects and cityscapes. None of my works are digitally manipulated. I use a unique photographic technique, which I developed, which allows me to “paint” with my camera on -site. My images are a direct result of the impressions I had at the time. I try to capture the infinite variations of our everyday reality, releasing colour from its form. The result is a colour-dominated impressionistic world.

All of my work is available in signed, dated and numbered  Limited Editions of 10, and printed in varying formats on the highest quality handmade paper or fine aluminium sheets.  Unique,  ready-to-hang works (price on request) are also available for certain images.


I started planning this series mid 2019, long before Corona arrived.

 I was and am fascinated by the concept of The Mask, as protection, historically during the Great Plague in Europe, and today, psychologically as a symbol of rebirth, disguiser of intentions, of truth, of reality.

 It was historically a leveller, allowing people of different social standing to mingle and interact during special occasions such as the Carnival of Venice. 

And so I came to Venetian Carnival Masks. They allowed and facilitated a freedom from one’s everyday “form” – a person’s character was reduced to the vibrant colours, materials, gems on his mask, or simply to its exaggerated design. I acquired traditional Venetian masks , and using my style as an analogy, I have created works freeing the mask and wearer from their form, from their beauty, digging deep into their essence, colour and light.

Now events have overtaken me and “The Mask” will probably become The Word of 2020. We are back to protection.

My work is photographic painting. I “paint” with my camera and create distinct and varied brushstrokes, using light and colour. I use a simple and unique technique which I have developed over the years. I only use my camera. None of my work is computer-manipulated. The final result is what I see and feel at the time of taking. It is how I see the world through my lens.

My camera is my paintbrush.